Tanah Merah is located in the small local village of Melayang 4-5 km outside Ubud. The first time you enter at the resort, you get almost a sinking feeling in the stomach when the views of Petanu Valley reveals itself in front of You

Beautiful location available hardly around Ubud. And it is simply enchanting to lounge in the pool and Scout beyond the southern steep jungle-clad slopes, while the sound of the rushing River and the monkeys playing in the trees, contributes to the atmosphere.


Few other places live one so beautiful, peaceful and locally and at the same time in such a short distance from the charming city life. The majority of the inhabitants of Melayang , working in the surrounding rice fields, but some of them are also employed at Tanah Merah, where they help to make the service both genuine, local and the present.

There is a party or a ceremony in the village, so will be guests at Tanah Merah often invited and can get really close to everyday life and traditions.

Besides that Ubud offers the beautiful scenery and the small villages around Tanah Merah on some unique excursions and experiences.

It’s a steep walk down to the valley bottom through dense jungle, but the experience is great when you reach the bottom and can cool the body off with a refreshing swim in the clear river water. Here is no other tourists, just the pretty raw nature


Here is only 14 villas and rooms, all with their respective local characteristics. Here are a few original wooden cottages from the Indonesian island of Timor and two old Balinese villas.


The stunningly beautiful cabins and villas have been shinet up and appears as a pleasant fusion of old and new. On the surface they look very simple and rustic, but upon closer inspection you discover that all modern amenities are hiding behind the curtains integrated with great respect for the original design.


It makes the experience all the more local we need, without compromising on standards. And it is nothing short of amazing to sit on deck in one of the old cabins and enjoy the views over the spectacular Petanu Valley

Here are 5 rooms, all of which are filled with Asian art from the owners ‘ travels through some of the remotest regions of the continent.

As the crowns on the work are two large villas with private pool and Scout directly in addition to gap. Mads Lange villa for you who just want to stay beautiful and exclusive, and Villa Awang Awang for large families or small groups who appreciate to stay together.

It is not a place for you who want to live centrally and with the latest amenities. In contrast, to magical nature and is colorful and different layout with plenty of local colour, so you will be seduced by Tanah Merah.