In the village of Kayuputih in Bali’s beautiful Highlands close to the better known village of Munduk, we have found a wonderful place where you can be with family or friends in the midst of some of Bali’s most breathtaking scenery. Sanak Retreat called it.

Woman by the pool at the Sanak Retreat Bali Just staff in rice fields and surrounded by mythical mountains can get even the most restless soul down in gear. Best of all, however, the hospitality and heart warming, it marks from arrival to departure from the staff and the sympathetic owner and tenant “Pak Gusti”


Sanak is more about people and nature than physical facilities. 

Sanak Retreat in Bali is surrounded by beautiful nature HAND PICKED with HUMANITY IN MIND

“Handpicked with humanity in mind”. Immediately sounds Sanaks slogan maybe slightly high, but nevertheless, it is a fine expression of the approach, rather than to nature and the surrounding communities.

The philosophy is that everyone should have the benefit of Sanak – both customers,employees and neighbors. Therefore, if you are deeply involved in, among other things. the local school and collaborates with several of the surrounding peasants.

Sanak Retreat in Munduk Bali has POOL with VIEWS and SPA with NATURAL PRODUCTS

Some of the most relaxing at Sanak is the wonderful infinity pool, where you can hang on the edge for hours and enjoy the view to the beautiful rice terraces. Maybe followed by a game of bodily and mental pampering in the small spa, where you get sensory full treatments with products made from local herbs and plants.

Sanak Retreat in Munduk Bali has a NICE, FRESH FOOD

Then there is, of course, also like the fresh and tasty food. Most are raw materials are organic and from the surrounding area. The rice is often from the fields around Sanak, the vegetables are harvested from your own garden, and other raw materials purchased from the village peasants.

Freshness will get the traditional Balinese cuisine to taste so the birds are singing. Especially well it becomes, when chef exposes the local cuisine for a little creative shades.

Sanak Retreat in Munduk Bali ALL are WELCOME

Sanak is neither particularly for couples, families, young or old. It is for all those who want to experience the authentic Bali’s simplicity, hospitality and divine natural beauty.

Here are bungalows with one and two bedrooms, and children received at least as cordially as adults. Is in a larger family or group of friends, is here also a great villa with 3 bedrooms and private pool.

Sanak Retreat in Munduk Bali LOTS of ACTIVITIES

The owners are a French philanthropist and the local peasant Pak Gusti, who was born and raised in the village. Together they have created a perfect combination of quality and local colour.

The staff, who, like the owner is predominantly from the village, will take against you with open arms. It’s certainly not streamlined and punctually, but on the other hand, something much better – it is sincere.

Pak Gusti has even hand-picked the best experiences in the region – from visits to the coffee plantations to trekking and cycling through rice paddies and jungle to the villages and beautiful waterfalls. His mission is that customers should experience the authentic and unspoiled Bali.