On Bali’s best beach in the magic of Jimbaran Bay, lies the impressive Intercontinental Bali overlooking the azure water. From the outside it may look like a large, classic resort, but when you first step into the elegant lobby built in traditional Balinese style, sense quickly that in ended up in is special place.

The pool area at Intercontinental Bali  will be turned on a welcome message at the large gong gong, and a smiling waiter welcomes you with a refreshing drink. From the moment you just feel at home.


The Resort spreads over more than 14 acres of tropical landscape. And its location next to the long, Golden, sandy beach is available not much better on Bali.

The actual garden is a diversity of scented magnolia trees, colorful, tropical flowers and small landscaped Lakes with lotus flowers in full bloom.

Although it is a large resort with over 400 rooms, feel of you far away from the hustle and bustle. The garden’s large surface area means that you can find small and pristine places, where you can read a good book or enjoy views of the beach and the endless sea.



In the tropical garden is that brought 6 elegant swimming pools. Here is something for every water dog. Some pools with small waterfalls, others with plenty of room to romp and swim in and still others, that lies in the shadow of the fragrant magnolia trees.

By multiple pools can lie in the shade and enjoy a refreshing drink in an elegant Balinese bale.

On the Beach offers the resort on a super-equipped beach club, where you can rent anything from small sailboats and kayaks to “boogie boards”. Or how about a game of beach volleyball in the golden sand?


The smallest rooms are on the whole 49 m2 and the larger and suitable family suites at 79-87 m2-all with balcony. The style is tasteful, with a “touch” of Bali, which helps to give the resort its unique soul.

Families will appreciate the suites, some of which is on two floors. Here the children are sleeping in the living room, while parents are sleeping on the floor above.



With its 4 restaurants, there is ample opportunity to explore both the local and the global kitchen. And the quality is great, whether it’s pizza poolside, grilled, freshly caught fish, the authentic Japanese cuisine or refined “fine dining”.


And if that’s not enough, so offers Jimbaran Beach, many small local restaurants on good and cheap food and plenty of laid-back atmosphere.

Welcome to Intercontinental Bali!