Water Blessing in Bali and Lead by a Priest

Water Blessing is one of the thing to do in Bali if you interest to feel the spirit of Bali spiritual, you can experience this when you stay in Ubud, since it’s take only 45 minutes from Ubud.

Worshipers first make a blessing, burning incense and offering red, white, and yellow flowers to the different Hindu gods, before climbing into the main pool which has a row of 12 fountains, each pouring sacred water into the pool.

Wearing traditional clothing, people line up in the water and duck under the spouts three times. Each fountain has a different significance, providing things like protection from evil spirits, blessings for fertility and wealth and also blessings for the dead.

A guide can explain fully the meaning each fountain an which ones are appropriate to bathe in.

After bathing in the purifying waters, worshipers proceed to the temple where they participate in a purification ceremony, performed by holy men. Here worshipers make more offerings of flowers and are anointed with holy water and rice.

Located at Tirta Empul ( Tampak Siring ) – Our team will accompany you to go there and will give step instruction how to do it.