This Activities can be done when you stay at one of the Recommendation hotel in Sidemen – Samanvaya Resort Sidemen

Rejoice to experience authentic, small village environments, silence among pristine rice terraces and risbøndernes smiles and curiosity. And of course learn about Liverpool in rice fields, about the traditional harvesting methods and the unique Subak system, which ensures an even distribution of water resources.

You can see the coast in the distance on a clear day, when you look down through the Valley.

Often the excess of 3 km high volcano shrouded in clouds, but on clear days stand beautiful backdrop behind the Sidemens lush rice terraces. No wonder that mt Agung, Bali’s highest mountain is not only beautiful volcano for hiking, but also the holy place, for the supply of water to the rice fields for all year.

There is no explicit route for the trip. Therefore, it can also easily be adapted to your wishes and physical level. Typically goes in on the edge of the rice terraces to the tiny village community, which only consists of a few houses surrounded by rice field.

Your guide was born and raised in the Sidemen Valley, so he knows the people in meetings along the way. Maybe some of them even has his own family.