Best Jungle Trekking Tour in Bali

Discover beautiful temples, trekking in the jungle and a canoe trip on the Holy Lake Tamblingan in Bali’s highlands. And visit a traditional village with Bali’s original people.

Experiencing a beautiful blend of visiting hidden old legend temple temples and exploring the nature of Bali island on trekking in the jungle, on the one hand and, on the other hand, in the canoe over a sacred Lake. Experience seasoned with a meeting with Bali’s original people in a small hidden village.

We can arrange it as an Private excursion from the hotel or as a part of trip to your next hotel from previous, where in operates between hotels in Ubud and the Highlands or the beach in the North – or vice versa. The sequence of experiences can change.

Visiting the Most famous temple in Bali

During this trip we also will take you the most popular temple in Bali, named Ulun Danu Beratan, this temple is a floating temple on the lake, this temple is surrouded by Beautiful Garden. Not only that after the trek in the jungle we will take you to the hidden village in Bali, drive thru the small road.

Many on the trip to Bali comes home with beautiful pictures of Lake Tamblingan and neighbouring Lake Buyan. They stop for up on Twin Lake Resting Point which is located near the road and takes a photo from a vantage point. It can also. then after that we continue to exploring the jungle that we see from the resting point.

Start Exploring the real Protected Jungle of Bali

The Trek starts with 1 ½ hour trekking with look to the beautiful and sacred Lake Tamblingan. during the trek we will visit some old legend temple, where our guide will tell you about the background of architecture and construction of a Balinese temple. There is a ritual sense with every detail. When you are in the middle of the jungle here is a blessed peace interrupted only by bird song. then continue the to cross the Lake by Traditional Dugout canoe with views of the jungle and Highlands is a wonderful experience. Rejoice. Especially at the thought that in not confined ourselves to view the Lake from lookout point as all the others.

Lunch Experience at Balinese Local House and Visiting one of the Beautiful Waterfall

This Tour also combine with lunch session at Local People house, where you can try the Local Balinese Food. and visiting One of the best waterfall in Munduk Village.

Visiting The BaliAge Village in Bali

Your tour ends with a visit to a village inhabited by Bali Aga people, which is one of the most original people in Bali. The Hindu people live isolated in several places, among other things. in Northern Bali, and they have their own traditions, which is maintained for generations. in this village we will able to see some Bali age Original House style, and see the processing of making brown sugar.