• “Eat” at The Damai villas 4 + in Lovina
  • Bed” at Spa Village Tembok 4 + in Tembok
  • Love” on the Ubud Village Resort 4 + in Ubud
  • There are lots of exciting meals, tours and activities to suit the themes.

Let us discover the romance blossom in Bali on a luxurious adventure which is inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller Eat, pray, love and the movie which is of the same name. This is one of our most sought after travel to Bali.

Going on a tour in the footsteps of Elizabeth Gilbert and Julia Roberts and enjoy discovering the surroundings that caused them to fall in love with one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

We have reproduced the book’s central themes and carefully selected some of Bali’s most beautiful and most atmosphere full hotels, which each have their own unique characteristics.

You will get acquainted with places and scenes from the movie and the book, which is based on a true story. And you will not at least experience the island’s breathtaking multiplicity, which unfolds in everything from nature to culture and food, when you are led away from the beaten track to experience Bali’s soul.


  • At The Damai villas Lovina it is included in both of a lunch and a dinner at the hotel’s reputable restaurant. And you shall also on an early Dolphin safari.
  • In Tembok it is included 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 participation in the daily spa treatments and yoga sessions.
  • And in Ubud is, among other things, it is included 1 dinner, excursion to Petulu Village, morning trekking through the rice fields and participation in yoga classes.

Belmond Jimbaran Puri Bali spreads its bungalows and villas out under palm trees in a large and lush grounds at Bali’s best beach. Here you can enjoy the lovely weather from the hammock on the bungalows ‘ verandas, swimming a tour in the Indian Ocean or enjoy a delicious meal at the beachfront restaurant.

Jimbaran offers a comfortable laid back atmosphere along the long Golden Beach. Looking out over the sea, you can adorn the colorful fishing boats. In the early morning here there are two exciting markets for visitors to explore.

In the middle of the main street behind the hotel there is one of Bali’s best fresh food markets. It is not so big, but the supply is large and the quality is the best on the island of Bali.

On the northernmost part of Jimbaran, there is Bali’s famous fish market. Early in the morning there landed fishes in huge amounts from the many fishing boats in the Bay. The intense atmosphere and the large and colourful range is an exciting experience, especially for people who are interested in fresh food and raw materials.

You can read about Belmond JimbaranPuri Bali here

Day 1 – Pick up from airport
A few hours’ drive from the southern coast of Bali for travelers and tourists lives offers the Damai Lovina and atmospheric little resort on spectacular views of Bali’s North Coast.

In the horizon you will have the good chance to enjoy seeing the sun goes down behind the Arctic by Java’s volcanoes, while there will be served heavenly food at the cozy restaurant. It is here in these beautiful and intimate surroundings you will start your exciting adventure in Bali Tropical Island.

In the kitchen at Damai villas in Lovina the food will be really toyed with the ingredients, not on the vulgar way, but it would be rather intelligent, and experimental.

An approach to the food cooking to some extent has been a success, because we use the best and freshest ingredients, many of which are grown in our own herb garden which are real organic, of course. What is more is that because the chefs of Damai villas have both imagination and attention to the details and is not afraid to deconstruct classical dishes and expose them to free Balinese interpretation.

Here there will be inspiration from all corners of the world-become fix not surprised if in Japanese, you can see Wagyo-calf on the plate.

That being so said, so is the vast majority of commodities which are picked up fresh in the immediate area, and of course the easy to exploit access to fresh fish and shellfish.

Lobster, tiger prawns, scallops, crabs and of course the delicious red snapper are often guests on the menu. Add them once chili, garlic, coconut, lime, and what the local urtebed else offers, rinse it down with a glass of chilled white wine and enjoy the serenity, the magical atmosphere and above all the views over Lovina beach and ocean that unfolds at the foot of the mountain.

During your stay here, we have in addition to your breakfast included a 3-course dinner, a 2-course lunch and a dolphin safari.

Overnight stay at Damai villas Lovina in a deluxe villa, which includes breakfast.

These days From Lovina your journey moves in you now to the East, where the next stop is waiting ahead. Here at the northeastern part of Bali Island, far from the beaten track, there is a small, tropical oasis in the charming village of Tembok.

Spa Village of Tembok, as the place is so-called, is a velværens temple where pivots are relaxation, massage and spiritual tranquility. And here it is hard not to get right down in the gears and recharge when therapeutic spa treatments, yoga and relaxation at the beautiful pool is integrated in such a peaceful and stunning local environment of the beautiful setting.

The natural resort is located right down to the water – only North Bali’s distinctive black volcanic sand separates the restaurant from the Indian Ocean’s light waves. In the background of Balis majestic volcanoes 4 raises their peaks against the sky and among the village’s homes exudes an atmosphere of the traditional Bali’s spiritual well-being. This is really a tropical paradise on earth you can have to yourself and also friends.

At the Spa Village of Tembok there is in other words convicted relaxation and recharging in a both luxurious and beautiful backdrop. The resort’s focus on spirituality and wellbeing fits perfectly into the Balinese mentality, and one can hardly avoid being drawn into a State of serene happiness.

It is not only healthy for the soul, but the food is of course also thought into the overall concept of culinary. It does not, fortunately, to reverse the taste buds also can relax, for here is served quite unique and healthy food. The focus is on the area’s fresh produce, which to a large extent hives up every morning from the sea off the coast of Tembok in North Bali, while the rest are harvested with local peasants. Totally it is a perfect combination into a healthy, but extremely tasty fusion of West and East culinary concept.

It is not michelinmad, but the level is high and the raw materials are so fresh that it just tastes really heavenly. It is truly an experience that of course is enhanced by the fresh smell of the sea, flowing with the evening breeze in through the resort’s open restaurant by the beach.

In addition to stay for 3 nights “Kamar” that means room with breakfast, we have included 2 x 3-course dinner, 2 x 3-course lunch, 2 x 50-minute spa treatment, free participation in yoga sessions, as well as various other daily activities in this area.

Accommodation at the Spa Village of Tembok a Kamar room, which already includes breakfast.

These days on the outskirts of Ubud Village Resort saves between Palm trees and bright green rice fields. Here you can really let the romance blossom in an intimate villa with private pool. What a wonderful experience you can have here.

The tranquility in Ubud and especially the surrounding valleys, where the hilly rice fields and roaring rivers characterizes the landscape, makes just one thing or another by one. Here the setting relaxes you in one way or another by and experience at the same time.

You can sit on the in-room balconies or restaurant’s terrace and look down through the lush valley for hours. Just enjoy the calm, the atmosphere, and the changing shades of green and nature’s breathtaking sounds.

And inside the Ubud offers pavement cafés and cozy restaurants on Bali’s best food. Top-up if necessary. You can have a good time with a bike ride through the lush landscape and small indigenous villages, rafting down the roaring Ayung River or a relaxing massage at the hotel.

Ubud, Bali’s famous kunstnerby, spreads its low houses on both sides of the Campuhan river banks. The hilly terrain, the river’s steep, jungle clad pages and the ubiquitous rice paddies, if bright green straw looking up behind every building, makes the city an almost aesthetic experience in itself.

The relatively small but very intense Centre houses a myriad of small, local art shops, a lot of cozy and good restaurants and a very pleasant and charming atmosphere.

Here you will enjoy overnight stay at on the Ubud Village Resort in a garden pool villa, including breakfast. In addition, we have included 1 x 3-course dinner.

DAY 11
In starts the return journey during the day 11 and lands in your home country day 12 after an experience of rich adventure in Bali.




The journey has caught your interest, but the price is right in the over the edge to your budget? Please contact us anyway and we will help you to customize your trip your budget. In may consider cutting some of the excursions away, stay at the smaller rooms, where one child is sleeping in existing bedding, or switch some of the hotels, in addition to a lower standard.